Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chapter 6

They just get back from the baseball game. Root and everyone had a great time it seemed. This is something that I connect to as well. I frequently go to Sox ga,es and they are the highlights of my month. The Professor kept talking about numbers that happen to realte to baseball, but I can tell he was really excited. The foul ball was very interesting. Is this the symbol or bad omen that caused these bad things like the Professor getting a fever? It is "foul" like I had  said earlier. The Professor hasnt been outside like that for some time, and maybe this exposure was too much for him.. The way that the Housekeeper cared for him was very nice. She is just there for a specific amount of time and for her to stay and live with him for the night showed devotion to him.She was like a daughter ailing for her sick mother, only now they were NOT related. I can tell that the business the Housekeeper is in doesnt treat their workers well. "Dont play dumb with me" isnt a very nice things to say and he didnt even let the Housekeeper explain herself about what had Really happened. Was the sister in law really "by the gate in the hedge last night" (106)? After being with a person for a specific amount of time, not just going out to dinner or anything.. but  when you really spend time with someone for a good 10 hours, you learn things about them that no one else does. That is exactly what happened with the Housekeeper and the Professor.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hunger Games

I like this book a lot so far through two chapters.The District 12 is like a future civilization that is a part of a whole community called the Capitol after the world has ended. When the author first talks about each characters' chances for entering the Hunger Games, Katniss is given so many more "pieces of paper" than her sister Prim, she was"one slip of paper in thousands!" But this is how the author grabbed us, on this unlikely story of her sister rather than the others in District 12. She was the minimum age for entering too! Effie Trinket cannot lead this introduction. Shes just looking for excitement and i guess wants her District to be front page news.
Katniss showed true bravery and courage to stand up in place of her sister and shows how much family truly meant to her. The other boy had two older brothers as well but you didnt see them coming up on stage for him.
By the way the GAMES are introduced, I can tell that District 12 has not usually won these games, so the person who gets picked is presumed to be on their way to death. The drunk guy who was a past winner? That was a terrible showing for District 12 and it was on TV too...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chapter 4

The Professor is very close to Root and the Housekeeper.
The Professor cannot stop talking about prime numbers. To me, the way he describes them sounds like something in a movie, searching and searching for them until you find your "Prime Oasis." The author here is trying to convey to the reader that this is a big deal, and math has to be taken seriously when you talk to the Professor.  have to wonder what happened to the Professor before that caused him to be VERY protective of Root. I know he really got to know him over those first few months but why does he make such a big deal about him getting cut in the hand? When they are in the hospital, we all can tell that the Professor is overwhelmed and nervous. He randomnly starts talking about different math facts and cannot control himself. I too, when I am nervous about something bad that could happen I am unnable to talk. The end is just a little confusing to me. Why is Root angry and hiding in his room? How did his mom never trust the Professor? She was the one who said that "Its not your fault.' to the Professor.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chapter 3

In Chapter 3, we can take many things out of what has happened so far.
The Professor is so compassionate towards Root.
I now can picture a whole family. The Professor has now taken the vacant spot in the Housekeeper
and Root's life because his father left at childbirth. They do everything for eachother and care very much which is a little surprising to me because they havent known each other for a tremendous amount of time. When Root talks about the Hanshin Tigers and specifically ENATSU, the Professor realizes how many years he has really "missed" because of his accident. To me, the way Root reacted shows how much he likes the Professor but how caring he is to him. He doesnt want to hurt him, or make him feel sad in anyway so they hide the fact that this player has been retired. I think the Professor would loses his confidence in life but also maybe mathematics becasue he has been OUT if the world for so long.
The sister in law doesnt seem to want any part in the Professor or Root and the Housekeeper, I can infer this becasue she has been living upstairs but theyve never seen her doing anything in the house. If shes there all the time why cant she care for the Professor? Is she still depressed over her husband?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chapter 2

In this part of the book, The professor, the housekeeper and her son are adjusting to everyday life together.Firstly,
With the Professor, there is nothing but talk of Mathematics. He never asks anything about the Housekeeper's life. When the Professor realizes that she has a son he is very enthusicastic about him coming over.
Why do you think this is? He wants kids to maybe have a great education but someone to "learn" from him because he was a teacher before.
The Housekeeper is a single mother and she cares for Root all by herself, the Professor is amazed that she lets Root do things on his own.
 How was the Professors childhood? Quiet... and very studious probably
His head is "flat" and thats why he calls him Root.
The Housekeeper had no father
Its interesting how she and her mother shared the experience of giving "birth to a fatherless child." They were brought together though, and became closer because they bonded over Root before she passed away.
Hanshin Tigers! Theyrre a Japenese baseball team... which is pretty neat
I dont really like how the Professor cant adapt to other people or kids liking something other thatn Math.. they can have other interests...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chapter 1

In the first chapter, we get to know about the  many characters and the reasons for why they are being written about. The Professor used to be a math professor
Memory stops in 1975!
He wore the same kind of suit everyday.
How did he use all the new inventions of this decade if he doesnt remember anything since 1970's?

Quote from Page 7
"Every morning, during the entire time I worked for the Professor, we repeated this numerical q and a at the front door. To the Professor, whose memory lasted only eighty minutes, I was always a new housekeeper he was meeting for the first time, and so every morning he was appropiately shy and reserved."

She introduced herself by pointing to the note on his cuff. Thats so cool.
The numerical games he plays with the Housekeeper are very interesting and you can automatically tell he has a gift.
This numerical Q & A was weird for the housekeeper because she has been spending time with him for all these days and the Professor is greeting him like hes never met her before. He was reserved  when he first meets her too.

He was always thinking. He never wants to be bothered and always writes new ideas down, probably like new equations that he has figured out how to solve..
Always excited about the housekeeper answering his questions, they seem to have a bond after the first few days.
The company she works for, so those other housekeepers never worked out? This shows how great she actually is.